Use Less Shit in the Bathroom: No Pun Intended

A great way to reduce your waste in the bathroom

How To Give a F*ck

The bathroom. The john. The lavatory. The privy. The washroom. The latrine. The loo. The shitter.

No matter how you word it, there’s one thing that is certain; we all use them. And even though they’re usually the smallest room in the place, they can sure pack a lot of waste.

So let’s talk about that waste. No, I’m not talking about THAT kinda waste. I’m talking garbage. Those Plastic bottles with the “name brands” on them that hog up all the room in the shower. You spend your hard earned cash on this stuff and half of the time, it sucks and you throw it under the sink. Am i right..?

Finding a shampoo that you like can be a daunting task. Same with finding a natural toothpaste that doesn’t taste like crap.

I know what you’re thinking.. I can’t use that on my…

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Use Less Shit in the Bathroom: No Pun Intended

October 28th 2014

This is my first blog post, ever. Just a few thoughts for today.

I feel as though the world today is becoming so dependent on electronics and social media, they forget how to interact like adults, and have become so brainwashed, they will believe anything that pops up on their news feed.  I’m not saying they are wrong, I’m simply saying people have become so closed minded it’s making it easy for people, companies, and the government to manipulate the larger population.

On a more personal level I am finding it very tough to deal with people who refuse to respect others.  I am a 24 year old non-traditional student at a community collage in the upper mid-west, and even though I am part of the generation that is most guilty of disrespect I feel as though I do a fairly good job on staying on the very respectful side of things. My first example is cell phones.  Again, my point is not to say whats right or wrong, I’m just giving a point of view and possible suggestions to try.  I have a music class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and every day the same kid (male) takes his phone out about 8-10 times. The professor asks him every day to put it away, she gets quite upset around the 4th or 5th time, but he still continues to behave like this on a regular basis.  Maybe I’m missing something but is that not disrespect to our professor and to the other students who are trying to concentrate and learn.  Another thing with cell phone that I am having an extremely hard time with is those who are constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY, on their cell phone when you are around them, but if you ever try an text them, they rarely respond.  This to me seems to fall into the disrespect category again, not only on the end of them not giving you personal time while you are with them but in the fact that in most cases, they see your text or call as fast as they normally do, and just don’t feel like you deserve the time.

One last issue for the day is travel.  I love to travel and explore, and I hope to spend extended periods of time living outside of Minnesota.  On the flip side of that coin I cannot stand those who think that if you don’t want to travel or don’t want to explore that you fall into a lesser category of humans.  I have friends who do this quite often. They bash the mid-west for being boring, dull, and miserable.  I understand that other places have great and beautiful things to offer, along with lifestyles that may be more suitable. To some the upper mid-west is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  By all means, go explore, dive in and take a chance, but also respect the views of others, that maybe to them, a corn field at full harvest holds more beauty than any ocean sunrise.


October 28th 2014